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A Little Pinspiration For You

FaithJessica ScheksComment


Pinning for Jesus 1 Pinning for Jesus 2 Pinning for Jesus

So recently I've shared about how I'm trying to cut back on Social Media and I'd be lying if I told you that I've done really well. But I've definitely improved! Deleting my Facebook app was very helpful -- however there is more I could be doing to help simplify my life. And just in the past couple of days, I feel like the Lord has laid an idea on my heart to help me when I get a little too infatuated on Pinterest. Which happens basically every time I get on Pinterest. The idea is so simple, but extremely helpful!

If you have a Pinterest you most likely know that the last three boards you pinned something to are saved at the top of the list of your boards when you go to pin something. It's such a useful tool when you've searched for something specific and want to keep pinning to a particular board for awhile. I have SO many boards that it's kind of ridiculous so I almost have endless opportunities when I am pinning {for hours on end}.

So in trying to come up with a way to make sure my time spent browsing on Pinterest is balanced, I have a new rule that my "BLESS THE LORD" board has to stay within my top three most recently used boards. It sounds tricky, but it's really not -- especially if you already follow a lot of people who pin a lot of spiritual//religious things. Plus you have a little leeway; if you're researching something for a project you want to start you can pin away to one board for awhile, and since you're most likely only pinning to one board, your spiritual board will still stay in the top three!

Some of you might say, "Seriously?! It's just Pinterest!" And I understand my idea sounds a little extreme at first. But first off, I've noticed since applying this concept to my pinning habits it hasn't been too hard. I already pin so many things related to Jesus. But more than anything I just want to keep in the forefront of my mind at all times that I was put on this earth to worship and magnify the name of the Lord. There is nothing else that matters as much as Him -- everything on Pinterest will fade away, but Jesus will remain throughout eternity! Plus it's kind of catchy to say that you're "pinning for Jesus," right? I can almost envision it becoming a little movement on Pinterest of women {and maybe some men} who want to keep Christ at the center of every single thing they do in life.

What are things that you do on any social media platform to help you stay focused on Jesus?