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You Worship What You Listen To

FaithJessica Scheks1 Comment

I realize that this is a hot topic to talk about and I'm not trying to push any buttons, but it's also too amazing and important not to share. For several years I've felt the guilt of conviction when I listen to worldly music, and now I know why... Music has much more power over us than we give it credit and that is because God created it! So please watch the video before you form your opinions about this post. At the end of this post I've listed some of my favorite quotes from the video as well as a list of my favorite resources for Christian music.

FAVORITE QUOTES FROM THE VIDEO: all emphasis added by me

  • "The devil has always used music as a cue to bow."
  • "Music is the only element on the planet that was not made on the planet; music is the only thing in the earth that wasn't made in the earth. Music was made in heaven! It wasn't made here. Everything else we do and manipulate is all earth-made, all earth-formed. Everything you see was made here; the lights, the sheet rock. Everything you see was made here. Music wasn't made here, it was made on a different level; a different plane, and so it operates on a different plane."
  • "God forms the most powerful element on the planet, in music, and God give it one strategic design ... Music only has one function! And that is worship."
  • "How can you separate music from its original intent and design? ... Music is always about worship. Always! The only thing that changes is the content and what you worship."
  • "Whatever the lyrics say is what you worship."
  • "There's a hospital in Toronto right now. They perform one of the most painful surgeries known to mankind and it's a surgery on the femur. Well, in order to give a patient anesthesia for this surgery, the anesthesia almost kills the patient. So in finding a way to get around this, they brought in some scientists and the scientists said, 'You know what we'll do? We'll let the patient listen to fifteen minutes of rock classical music. And after the patient listens to fifteen minutes of classical music, they only require half of the anesthesia.'"
  • "It is scientifically impossible to only listen to the beat! You ingest the words."
  • "We wonder why we can't get behind the preacher when he preaches is because you've allowed the world to preach to you through your earbuds for thirty hours this week. And you expect the preacher to get through to you in an hour? The problem is we're spending more time worshiping the devil, and his thoughts, and ideas, and plans. And we've worshiped the culture all week long through our iPods and our iPhones and our iTunes. And we've worshiped and worshiped and worshiped and then we come in [the church] and we sing songs about Christ and we can't lift our hands and we're wondering, 'Why can't I have freedom of worship?' Because you've given out all of your worship. You've worshiped all week long."
  • "Jay-Z starts his concerts by saying, 'Put your hands up! I'm the J to the E to the H to the O to the V to the A to the H.' Jehovah; he calls himself Jehovah. And he says, 'Put your hands up!' And they do it."
  • "When you hear the sound of music you bow down."
  • "Turn the music off and you won't bow!"
  • "Get you some Jesus music and worship him all week long!"




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