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An Introduction

Jessica ScheksComment

So if you hadn't figured it out yet, my name is Jessica Scheks. I am in my 20′s and I recently married Michael Scheks, my high school sweetheart. This past June was our six YEAR anniversary!


I attend Green Gospel Assembly Church, we say that we are the church that is different. I am in the band (I play the saxophone) and the regular choir and (I am definitely an alto), and I help out with other things as well such as cleaning, working in the church office, and participating in Vacation Bible School. I started attending GAC when I was 16 with my wonderful husband who was born into the church.

One of the main things from my church that crosses over into my everyday life is the way I dress. I am not forced to, but I am convicted, and therefore choose to dress modestly (ever since October 8, 2010). By that I mean always wearing skirts that at least come to the knee, nothing that is too tight or revealing, but yet still shows my femininity in a way that gives glory to the Lord. And let me tell you, it hasn’t always been easy. Modest fashion bloggers have been such an inspiration to me, especially when I was first trying to dress modestly on an everyday basis, whether they post their OOTDs, or write in depth posts on why they choose to dress modestly. This is one of the reasons I was inspired to start a blog.

Aside from my church, I am technically a college student. I am very close to obtaining my degree in Special Education. All I have to do is write a lengthy research paper and the diploma is mine. It sounds easy, but my mind believes otherwise. So in the meantime, I work in a lovely office! It truly is a blessing, the people are great, it's for the Methodist church so I can talk about Jesus, and my hours are 11:30 - 4:30 Monday through Thursday. Can't complain!

Yes, my lifestyle may be different from yours. But that is what I love about blogging! I get to know other women who have passions for different things, and understand why their passions exist. My hope for this blog is to share my passions and inspire you to do the same.