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Why I Wear Skirts

FaithJessica Scheks3 Comments

reading book falllModesty is such a passionately debated topic among Christians. I haven't always dressed modestly and I wanted to share the journey that got me to where I am now. I know that every Christian's walk with God is different, and I don't expect everyone to be the same as me. Contrary to popular belief, I am not offended in the slightest if a girl, whether she's a Christian or not, chooses to wear skirts and dresses on a daily basis. That is between her and the Lord. I became a Christian after I started going to church with Michael (who's now my husband) when I was sixteen years old. I had absolutely no clue what I was getting myself into! I quickly noticed that every woman wore a skirt or a dress to church that at least came to the knees. I wasn't bothered by it but at the same time I could never see myself wearing skirts for the rest of my life and I hoped it was something that would die with an older generation.

I want this post to be a voice for women who wear skirts -- we're not scary, we don't hate you (we love you), we don't care if you wear pants or a tank top, we don't mind talking about our way of dressing if you ask in a genuine manner! Below are a mixture of reasons that I choose to dress modestly as well as common misconceptions:

NO ONE IS FORCING ME My pastor never forces women to wear skirts. I feel like being forced to wear long skirts is a very common misconception, however at my church my pastor wanted us to get our own conviction. If you don't have an experience from the Lord it can be hard to explain to others why you choose to dress the way you do and to have the strength to keep wearing skirts during trying seasons of your life. I'm sure there are some places where the women feel like they have no option, but that's not how it is in my life.

CHANGING FROM WITHIN As the Lord began to work in my heart I slowly had the desire to cover up more of my body. I no longer wanted to wear a bikini or short shorts. For awhile I always wore pants that at least came to my knees. Around this time I was a senior in high school and the Lord was definitely dealing with me. However I was keeping Him at a distance because I didn't altogether want to hear what He had to say to me about modesty quite yet. And to be honest, I was scared to hear what He had to say. Choosing to dress modestly is a lifelong commitment and since my family did not go to church with me it was really hard to make changes in my life that they didn't necessarily agree with.

Choosing the dress modestly is a lifelong commitment...

But once I moved away to college I felt God telling me to dress modestly stronger than ever before. It was something I could no longer ignore. And I went through every excuse in the book. But eventually it came down to one question: For some reason I kept picturing myself in a group of people lined up (like when the police have a witness look at a lineup of possible criminals) and telling someone to point out the Christian in the group. Based on appearance alone, the only way they'd be able to tell is if I was dressed extremely modestly. And I know that the Lord is not calling everyone to minister to the world in that way. But this is how He worked with me individually. It really scared me to think that if I dressed of the world, people would have no way to tell that I was a Christian if they saw me walk by.

THE INSIDE REFLECTS THE OUTSIDE This kind of goes along with the previous section. But true modesty isn't simply how you dress on the outside. It's a reflection of what's on the inside. As I mentioned above, the closer I got to the Lord the more I wanted to change! I wanted people to know that I was different and I felt different in the best way possible! I didn't want to blend in with the dark world. I wanted the glory of the Lord to shine through my clothing! I also liked to think how I would feel in whatever outfit I had on for the day if Jesus walked in and saw me.

TIGHT ENOUGH TO SHOW YOU'RE A WOMAN; LOOSE ENOUGH TO SHOW YOU'RE A LADY When I first started to think about dressing modestly, all I thought about was coverage. But eventually the Lord showed me that just because I'm covered doesn't mean I'm being modest. Wearing a super tight shirt or skirt that shows every curve leaves less to the imagination than I would like. In yesterday's post I talked about the fig leaves of the world -- fig leaves are a false covering that man has made to cover and justify his or her own sin. Sometimes as women, especially when something is cute or it accentuates parts of our body that we know will bring us attention from men, we try to tell ourselves that it's fine. But we are not seeking man's (or woman's) approval! When you are getting dressed for the day don't think about pleasing man, think about pleasing the Lord!

DRESS CODES I'm not here to tell you what the dress code for Christianity is, but I am here to remind you that places with authority and dignity in the world require people to dress differently. The armed forces, police, hospitals, office buildings, and even Target all require their employees to dress a certain way. When you need help and you're at Target you just look for a red shirt. I want people to identify me as a Christian if they're looking for spiritual help! And I'm sure this isn't going to be something that happens on a regular basis, but I have heard multiple testimonies from people who knew that a girl was different based on how she dressed. And it intrigued them enough to find out why she was different. If that happened just one time in my life, it'd be worth it to me.

IT'S A SACRIFICE When I first began to wear skirts all of the time it was truly a sacrifice. I was sacrificing my pride, my comfort, my happiness, my desire to fit in, my desire for approval from peers, as well as many others I'm sure. But looking back, all of those "sacrifices" don't even seem like sacrifices anymore. Yes, it was really hard at the time, but it was all temporary! While I momentarily sacrificed my pride and happiness, I eternally gained joy. And while I temporarily sacrificed my desires to fit in and for approval from peers, I gained new Godly desires that have completely erased and replaced my previous carnal desires!

"IT'S NOT PRACTICAL" I hear this most often in the winter. Someone will see me walk by and exclaim, "Aren't you freezing?!" And I always tell them that I'm probably warmer than they are. In the winter I wear a skirt, tights or leggings, warm socks, and boots. Therefore I have at least two layers covering my legs. When people just wear jeans they only have one layer on their thighs! I can tell you that I do not suffer in the winter at all from being cold.

AVOIDING CONFUSION As the world gets more and more off-center I want to keep my eyes on Christ. Gender confusion is becoming so much more prevalent in the world today. I think that when women are feminine it brings glory to God because that is who He created us to be! As women of God I think we need to start becoming more conscious that we don't cross over too many lines and wear things meant for men. Gender neutral used to be deemed as okay, but I think that if we're going to take a stand and rise against the confusion in the world we can start by the way we dress. I realize that defining what it means to be feminine is very subjective. For me, I choose to wear skirts. However you define it, I encourage every woman to seek the Lord in this matter; thank Him for purposely creating you as a woman and ask Him to show you how to dress and act like a woman of God!

I'm sure there are many more reasons I could have listed today. But for now I will stop. Do you wear skirts? Do you not wear skirts? How has the Lord worked in your life in terms of dressing modestly? Comment below, I'd LOVE to hear from you!


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Being Modest Before God

FaithJessica Scheks2 Comments

  As someone who dresses modestly, I love clicking on blog posts and watching YouTube videos of why other women choose to dress modestly. And I absolutely love finding an explanation that I haven't heard before! We tend to hear the same reasons over and over again but recently in church my pastor brought out a new explanation from Genesis that I had never thought of or heard before! In the first few chapters of the entire Bible I think you can find a very solid argument of why it is important to dress modestly before God.

leaves quote

To begin, my pastor was explaining how man always tries to concoct their own ways to try and cover up their sin - it's been happening since Adam and Eve's time. Genesis 3:7 says, "And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons." The key to this scripture is that Adam and Eve made their own coverings; they didn't look to God. It really wouldn't have mattered how covered they were physically because it wasn't God's way.

Adam and Eve were trying to hide their sin from God. They thought they could keep the omniscient, amazing, all-sufficient, eternal God from finding out what they had done. And as a result they were ashamed and felt guilty and tried to hide from Him.

BUT GOD, in His amazing and ever loving kindness sought after them. And in Genesis 3:21, it says:

"Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them."

Those "coats of skins" covered up much more than fig leaves did! Even when we make mistakes, God still wants us to come to Him and He will help us.

God wants us to be modest before Him! I realize that this block of scripture also applies to the spiritual covering that we often are trying to build ourselves as well. But I truly believe that aside from the importance of being spiritually covered, God simply wants us to be physically covered. He didn't think Adam and Eve were covered enough in fig leaves, and people are wearing a lot less than fig leaves these days. I know that people interpret how to dress modestly very differently, but I encourage you to pray and earnestly seek God about how to dress so that you are wearing His "coat of skins" made just for you, and not the world's fig leaves.


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The Modesty Struggle

FaithJessica ScheksComment


I saw this quote on Pinterest today and it really resonated with me. It made me think back to the times where I struggled with dressing modestly and how frustrated I would become when all I wanted to do was slip on a pair of my old jeans on a freezing Ohio winter day.

I only gave into the "desires of my flesh" twice. We were at my grandma's for Christmas in 2010, so only several months since I had decided to always wear skirts or dresses, and there was a lot of family cramped into a tiny house. I was getting a little overheated in my knee-length jean skirt and for some reason I had it in my head that I would really cool off if I changed into the pair of jeans I had brought with me. So I changed. I can't remember how changing affected my temperature, but I remember feeling like a fake. And I just felt depleted; sort of like how you feel when you vow to yourself that you're not going to commit a certain sin in your life, but then you find yourself giving in. And afterwards you have none of the pleasure you thought that decision would bring you.

That feeling I had after changing into jeans at my grandma's was enough to give me motivation to resolve to never do that again. But sometime within the next year or so, I found myself in another situation. I lived in co-ed dorms (but we each had a private bathroom, so it wasn't as sketchy as it sounds) and I had the mindset that the dormitory building was like my house, so wearing  sweatpants around was acceptable. But this time I had to run to the little market directly behind my dorm to get a snack. It was late - I'd already showered and changed into comfy clothes and I fought with myself over whether or not I should go down in sweatpants.

Even though I felt like I shouldn't, I told myself that I'd be really fast, so it didn't matter. So down I went- when I reached the ground floor I went to turn the corner and was stopped with the vision of who I thought was my friend Christa walking by in a floor length jean skirt. She had a green coat on (just like Christa) and brown hair that was cut (just like Christa and rules out many Pentecostal women who do not cut their hair). It was past 9:00 and I was so startled to see her that at first I jumped back behind a wall because I felt ashamed. But then I thought to myself, "It's Christa! She won't care..." So I started walking again and called out her name. She didn't turn around so then I grew very curious of who this skirt wearing person was. I really had to quicken my pace to catch up with her but she walked out the doors before I could. When I walked out I didn't see her anywhere (and you can only turn left or right). Then I felt really convicted.

I am definitely not saying that I saw an angel, or had a vision from the Lord. Maybe I did... I guess I won't know that for awhile. But whoever it was, angelic or not, was enough to convict me for good. Now I know that the desire to dress immodestly at times is not worth how I will feel afterwards. Generally my desire stems from laziness; I just want to wear sweatpants or jeans. But occasionally when I see a girl in real life or on Pinterest with leggings on, the cutest tunic-y top I've ever seen, super cute booties, an infinity scarf, and an adorable vest... I become a little jealous because I know that the outfit could not be pulled off with a knee-length (or longer) skirt.

So this quote captures my feelings to a T! And I'm here to tell you that dressing modestly is sometimes a struggle for me, just like any sin or temptation I have to deal with is. It was not a "one and done" type of decision for me when I decided to dress more modestly. For awhile it was a pretty constant struggle. When I first decided that I was going to wear skirts I felt sick - it was a scary choice to make. And I made the choice publicly so it felt like there was no turning back...was it something I'd regret in a couple years? Could I really see myself for the rest of my life wearing skirts?

To clarify, I am definitely NOT saying that if you are a woman and wear pants that you are sinning. Dressing modestly requires very personal decisions and interpretations that is only between you and God. It is a decision that I think should only be made based on inspiration you find from the Lord. It shouldn't be something that you do to please others, and it should be a personal belief that you hold in your heart. But it isn't something you should ignore altogether, either. I think it is something you should take to the Lord and ask Him what He wants from you. Ask the Lord to guide you and to show you what pleases Him. Even if you have a certain pair of pants or a shirt that you sometimes question yourself when you wear it, ask God.

>> A word of advice, though, I have found that if you are already questioning it, you've kind of answered the question for yourself. And sometimes you have to give something up and say to yourself, "This struggle/question I have just isn't worth it when it comes to eternity." And leave it at that.

So with my "disclaimer" that you just read, I would now like to say something that some may find to be a bit controversial. But I'm going to say it anyways. And really, this is only for those who have already made a decision in their life to dress more modestly than they have in the past.

Choosing to dress modestly is just like choosing to wait to be intimate in marriage, or choosing not to gossip. It's not a one time decision, but one that you have to make over and over again. Especially towards the beginning of your modest journey. If you feel the Lord telling you in your life to dress modestly that's a pretty serious thing. If you vowed to the Lord that you would dress modestly for Him, that's a pretty serious thing. I have felt that calling on my life, I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say it's a "commandment" in my walk with God, but I'm also not going to say that it isn't. I feel very convicted to dress modestly - and to not do what the Lord is telling me to do sounds like sin to me.

>>If you have genuinely sought the Lord about dressing modestly and you have found that you still feel like it's okay for you to wear pants then I think you've done your job (but revisit the subject from time to time - don't dismiss it for life).

It is only sin if you feel or even know that you should be dressing more modestly and don't.

Sometimes modesty has to start on the outside, which means that your thoughts aren't always modest - You hunger for a comfortable pair of jeans or for some comfy yoga pants on a lazy day. But I can tell you from experience, that eventually your thoughts begin to change. You begin to realize how good it feels to dress modestly and please the Lord. And as your thoughts change, that means your heart is changing and your thoughts and mind are being clothed in modesty as well.

If modesty started purely on the inside for you, then you should be praising the Lord. If you just had a desire to give up dressing worldly and were happy to do it, then you should be praising the Lord! Because for me (and for my friends) it was not that easy. It was kind of like we had one foot standing in the world, and one foot standing in the Kingdom; we wanted to please God and we had an inkling that dressing modestly was what we should do... but it was hard to give up. And you kind of have to go cold turkey - you can't wear "worldly patches" to help you wean off immodest articles of clothing, you just have to give it up. It's a sacrifice. You are giving your temple to the Lord to use for His glory, and you should be giving it cheerfully, not begrudgingly!

This October it will be FIVE years of dressing modestly for me! As you have read, it wasn't always easy or fun. Sometimes it was a decision - just like deciding you aren't going to share that really juicy piece of gossip you overheard with your best friend. It can be a hard decision at times, but I have found again and again that there is not one article of clothing on this earth that could possibly come close to compensating for how modesty feels.

9 Cute Modest Workout + Swim Skirts

Jessica ScheksComment

When I first began dressing modestly, there were still some activities that I justified in my mind as needing to wear pants. But really, the majority of those activities were ones where I just would've felt especially awkward to be seen doing in a skirt. Since then I've pretty much gotten over that, and I don't care what the world thinks about me. But one of those activities was working out -- I thought doing it in a skirt was basically impossible so I kept wearing sweatpants. I did stop wearing shorts, however I did wear pants. And some of them were prettttty tight. {Side note: I have found that wearing knee length basketball shorts is a good modest alternative as long as they are not form fitting.}

I also went on vacation with my family several times... and if you've read my story then you know that my family does not attend church with me and therefore doesn't really understand or agree with the way I choose to dress.

So I chose to wear tankinis and one pieces, even though I definitely had that nagging feeling of guilt that told me I knew better and should've covered up more. So after a couple of vacations feeling increasingly worse, I knew I couldn't do it anymore. And ever since then I've been on a hunt for a cute running/swim skirt. And if you've ever tried looking, you know that there's barely any out there. So I have compiled a list of my favorites -- the list is in no particular order.

{One thing to keep in mind, and something that I currently wear, is a cotton t-shirt like skirt with leggings underneath. The thing with cotton skirts and similar materials is that one: they do not dry quickly, and two: if the leggings are made of a similar material the skirt continuously rides up and it gets to be extremely annoying. So I'm looking for a skirt that is made of a dry-fit type material that will "glide" over leggings and anything else I choose to wear underneath because that is a huge pet peeve of mine!}

{1} Patagonia Vitaliti Skirt $59 According to their website, this skirt "...moves freely and breathes, thanks to its blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester and spandex." This skirt is 21 inches long, so if you're a bit on the taller side like me you may want to steer away from this option if you prefer to cover your knees. However I love how simple this skirt is and the mixture of fabric in this skirt is sure to not disappoint... doesn't organic cotton just sound so lovely?


{2} Women's Running Skirt/Sports Skirt With Leggings $42 "This running skirt with leggings is made with a light weight fabric with UV protection, is chlorine resistant, and quick-drying material. It is made from Polyamide/spandex for the most comfortable modest running skirt, aerobics skirt, or walking skirt..." I have heard many good things about Kosher Casual, however I have never actually ordered anything from them. The one thing I really love about this skirt is the subtle a-line shape; it's there there, but not overpowering like some modest workout skirts I have found. I also love the legging length -- not too long, but not too short.


{3} Black Spirit Athletic Skirt $70 "This below the knee a-line skirt with comfortable flat waistband sits above the hip, offering modesty and extra coverage in a super-slimming and flattering style. Attached mesh compression short and dual velcro hip pockets." This skirt just looks athletic to me! Plus it has pockets... need I say more? But I love the shape of this skirt; a very subtle a-line and it is below the knee, which is pretty hard to find. I think if I owned this skirt I would become addicted to it and wear it every day. It would be my version of the world's yoga pant obsession. ;)


{4} Running Skirt $60 This running skirt from Apostolic Clothing Company is a "professionally made running skirt with built in shorts for added comfort. Made of high quality, moisture whicking material for easy wear/easy care! Deep pockets on the sides!" The pictures on the website made it difficult to get a feel for what the skirt would actually look like to me. But regardless, ACC has a pretty large following and coming from an Apostolic store you know that the standards of modesty will be incorporated into this skirt. Plus, this skirt has pockets... deep pockets. Just think of all the possibilities!


{5} Athletic Skort/Ladies $48 "You can now have our skorts in fabric made just for exercise! The fabric is made of nylon micro mesh and has the wicking which holds the moisture away from your body. The skort has a skirt with shorts underneath. The shorts have been designed for comfort doing any type of exercise activity! This skort even has a zippered MEDIA pocket!" I love how light this material looks-- most of the other skirts I have found seem to have a pretty heavy/dense material. So this may not be best for swimming (it could get a little clingy and float up in the water). But, it has a zippered pocket! That is fantastic. Finally, this dress comes from Dressing For His Glory, so standards of modesty should not be an issue.


{6} Power Walk Skirt $59.95 This skirt actually comes from an Islamic modesty website and is described as having an elasticized waist, two front side pockets, trim detailing, and is made of 100 percent cotton. (So yeah, I picked one made out of cotton-- but this would be for more relaxed activities, not harder workouts or swimming).


{7} Modest Swim Skirt (Knee-Length, Black) $50 This "basic black long swim skirt [is] perfect for just about anything, especially swimming. Special swim fabric makes it non-clingy in water, dry extra fast, and is more breathable for warm weather." This 24 inch long swim skirt looks perfect for swimming to me, with its straight design I can imagine swimming easily without the skirt becoming too "flowy" in the water.


{8} Nadadora Triangle Spliced Long Swim Skirt with Swim Leggings $81 "Available with built-in longer length leggings that fall mid-calf for ultimate coverage. Swim modestly in style and never have a worry about color fading, our chlorine proof triangle splice modest swim skirts maintain color and shape. Lightweight material keeps you cool, and the special chlorine proof material keeps your colors strong, all summer long." I love the look of this skirt-- very athletic! However it does seem to be a little short, so if you're taller like I am, this may not be the best option.


{9} Calamity Jane Skirt $55 I love this skirt! I don't think I'd wear it for more rigorous exercise, but walking, hiking, yoga, tennis... definitely! The "dense, Dream fabric" this skirt is made of allows the skirt to drape in a flattering manner with a very smooth and soft feel! Plus the skirt comes in four different colors ("Deep Purple" is pictured below).


So there you have it! Nine, adorable modest workout skirts! While conducting my research for this post I found several other skirts that fit the modest bill, but in my opinion, were just not cute. So I did not include them. Please leave comments below if you have ever purchased any of the skirts I listed or if I left out a great option!

**If you represent any of the websites I have listed and would like me to review your product to post a complete review on the blog, please contact me at:**

16 Fashionable Modest Clothing Sites

Jessica Scheks1 Comment

  When I first started coming to church with Michael (read my story here), finding a cute knee length or longer skirt was nearly impossible. I had one from beforehand, and it was pretty casual, so I quickly set out to look for a new skirt. In the entire mall I found two skirts and they were both expensive, so I had to pick one. I remember feeling stressed and annoyed and I had no clue where else to look. It would’ve been nice to find an article or blog post with a comprehensive list of places to find modest clothing. So here is one I have compiled:

(Keep in mind that the resources listed below are not all solely modest clothing companies and some clothing you may consider immodest.)

{1} Shabby Apple

I have two dresses from Shabby Apple (the Alice Dress and a royal blue dress that was discontinued). My bridesmaids wore the I'm Late! I'm Late! Dress in my wedding and they were perfect! These dresses tend to be a little pricey, I would say the average price is between $80 and $100, but they are perfect for a wedding or special event. When ordering be sure to use the sizing chart as it is very detailed. One thing to be aware of, though, is that every dress tends to be a little different - my bridesmaids' dresses each varied slightly whether it be the lace, color, pattern, or the coverage underneath the sleeves. And even though it's a little pricey, there are occasional sales that I have seen go up to 20% off. You also get a coupon on your birthday!

shabby apple

{2} Mikarose

This company's tagline is, "Reinventing modesty," and I'd have to agree! Their site features adorable dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories. Their website also has a nice sizing chart to help you order. These dresses have reasonable prices considering how expensive some modest clothing sites tend to run. The Alexis Dress pictured below is one of my favorites from their site - I LOVE stripes and this dress is only $49.99!


{3} Jen Clothing

I own two different dresses from Jen Clothing and love them both (the Renee Dress in black lace (pictured below) and the Ariana Dress in mint). I am in love with the Renee dress - it is perfect for weddings and around Christmas time, plus it is very comfortable considering how formal it is. Jen, the owner of Jen Clothing is Mormon and gives her testimony on the website. I ordered both of my dresses at the same time because shipping is free when your order is over $100.

jen clothing

{4} Apostolic Clothing Company

The Apostolic Clothing Company is really growing and is all modest! The Leann two piece set pictured below is $58.95 and you have your choice of either a black or mint skirt. This website has several pages of dresses, skirts, jackets, shirts, as well as an ADORABLE vintage section (however most if not all of the items seem to be vintage inspired, not truly vintage).

Apostolic clothing

{5} Corilynn

This is a shop I would own every single piece from if I were rich, but sadly I am not. Corilynn is the owner and designer of this shop and her business is amazing! Everything is made in the USA, which is pretty hard to find these days. The only downfall is the prices of these beautiful pieces - dresses run from $148-$175, skirts are $108, and blouses are $78. But here are a couple of her gorgeous designs:

corilynn capri

The Capri Dress comes in four different colors. ($148)

corilynn secretary blouse

How adorable and perfect is this Secretary Blouse for $78?!

corilynn wendy

I love, love, love all things mint and peter pan collars are the best. So I'm in love with this Wendy Dress, which comes in three colors. ($148)

{6} eShakti - We design, you customize

I had never heard of this website until last week, and after looking through it for only a couple minutes I was excited because there are some amazingly cute vintage and retro-inspired dresses! The coolest thing I have ever seen while shopping for clothes exists on this site - after selecting the dress you'd like to purchase, you pick your size which gives detailed measurements and enter your height. Then you get to pick the length and neckline you want! So you can make every dress modest! There is a small additional fee to customize the style, but it is only $7.50 and not every single dress is customizable. If you choose to, you can enter in your own measurements and they are saved and applied to every purchase. I didn't look through every page, but I looked through many and everything seems to be below $100 on the site. This site also has an "Overstock" section with pieces at a discounted price, however you cannot customize the items in this section.


I customized this dress by adding 3/4 length sleeves and I chose the mid-calf length. This dress comes with pockets, as does many of their dresses!

{7} Junee

This modest website seems to focus on skirts (115 in total!) There is only one dress on the site, but the skirts sure do make up for it - there are dozens of simple, classic styles to choose from including theSimple Skirt shown below! I chose denim, however there are 10 other options to choose from for this skirt. I am always on the lookout for cute and classy denim skirts to wear and this site delivers exactly that! There are so many options it would be hard to choose! The prices also seem to be slightly lower than other modest clothing sites. All skirts are under $60.


{8} Metro Style

This site definitely does not contain all modest options, but I saw it advertised somewhere that they have a large selection of modest suites - perfect for the professional working woman or for church! However there are also many dresses to choose from, you just have to sort through the other items. The suit below was originally $59.99 but is currently on sale.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 6.43.25 PM

{9} Rusty Zipper Vintage Clothing

On this vintage clothing website, clothing is organized by the era it's from. So if you click on "vintage dresses" you then choose which decade you'd like to browse. Pretty cool! However there is also an option to view all dresses and choose different styles to view. Everything I have seen is in the $30 range for the most part. There are even vintage wedding dresses (with sleeves) for under $200! Below is this 1970s Hippie Prairie Style Dress for just $35. Can't you just see this in a photo shoot out in a field with tall grass and a flower crown?

rusty zipper

{10} Beautifully Modest

This website has a lot of things to offer, including modest wedding gowns! All of the wedding gowns are short sleeve however, as opposed to 3/4 length sleeve or long sleeve. They also carry modest prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, dressy casual dresses, and semi formal dresses. One of my favorite dressy casual dresses, the Lorna Dress, is shown below and is $59.99.


{11} Beautiful One

This site is all modest and all adorable! So many cute skirts to choose from! Including the two you see below - the Polka Dot Lace Skirt ($45) and the Black/White Striped Skirt ($25), which comes in several other colors as well. The site also offers several cute blouses, "layered maxis," and "layering dresses."

beautifulone    beautifulonestripes

{12} Dainty Jewell's

This website has some adorable dresses! Prices are similar to Shabby Apple, a little more on the expensive side... but from the looks of it, it's worth it. Especially for this striped dress, The Chic Lady for $98:


But the thing I love most about Dainty Jewell's is their modest swimwear line. Usually modest swimwear and adorable do not go together in the same sentence, but they are best friends on this site! I mean how cute is this Paisley Swim Dress for $74.95?! If I were going on vacation this summer I can guarantee you this dress would already be ordered. The material is quick drying allowing you to swim, but it also looks like a dress so you can wear it pretty much all day no matter what the activity is. The leggings underneath are separate.


{13} Jade Mackenzie Apparel

Jade Mackenzie is another all modest site with some cute skirts, shirts, and a couple dresses. My favorite dress is this striped number, the 'Kate' Black & White Knit Dress for $78.


{14} Junie Blake

I am in love with these Junie Blake dresses! Each one is bright and cute! Floral and lacey seem to be their go to designs and patterns, which I'm totally okay with. The Giselle floral maxi shown below looks perfect for summer and is $63.99. The Paige ($59.99) casual striped dress is one I'd love to have in my wardrobe, another perfect summer dress! I will be excited to see their fall and winter lines as it seems like their new arrivals are very season appropriate.


{15} The Virtuous Closet

The blouses on this site are perfect; classy with high necklines! What more could a girl need? There are a lot of skirts and dresses on this site (some really cute maxi dresses that are a little dressier). The Petal Dress shown below is, in my opinion, perfect for summer and is $79. This website is a little pricier compared to others in this post.


This Jeweled Tulip Blouse in Blush is so elegant and glamorous and also comes in white. ($55)


{16} LulaRoe LulaRoe can be purchased in two ways - online or through a consultant/at a party (similar to Arbonne or Pampered Chef). But regardless, their dresses and skirts are adorable and so versatile because they can be dressed up or down. They are also made out of a super comfy looking material. The dress shown below is the Nicole Dress in black and white chevron dot ($42), and I love it... especially with the chambray shirt underneath!


Phew! That was a long post, but I am feeling inspired to shop now (when am I not?!) Leave a comment if you've ever purchased something from any of the sites I've listed or if I missed a fantastic site, let me know!

**If you represent any of the sites I have mentioned and would like me to review your product and post a complete review of it on the blog, please contact me:**

An Introduction

Jessica ScheksComment

So if you hadn't figured it out yet, my name is Jessica Scheks. I am in my 20′s and I recently married Michael Scheks, my high school sweetheart. This past June was our six YEAR anniversary!


I attend Green Gospel Assembly Church, we say that we are the church that is different. I am in the band (I play the saxophone) and the regular choir and (I am definitely an alto), and I help out with other things as well such as cleaning, working in the church office, and participating in Vacation Bible School. I started attending GAC when I was 16 with my wonderful husband who was born into the church.

One of the main things from my church that crosses over into my everyday life is the way I dress. I am not forced to, but I am convicted, and therefore choose to dress modestly (ever since October 8, 2010). By that I mean always wearing skirts that at least come to the knee, nothing that is too tight or revealing, but yet still shows my femininity in a way that gives glory to the Lord. And let me tell you, it hasn’t always been easy. Modest fashion bloggers have been such an inspiration to me, especially when I was first trying to dress modestly on an everyday basis, whether they post their OOTDs, or write in depth posts on why they choose to dress modestly. This is one of the reasons I was inspired to start a blog.

Aside from my church, I am technically a college student. I am very close to obtaining my degree in Special Education. All I have to do is write a lengthy research paper and the diploma is mine. It sounds easy, but my mind believes otherwise. So in the meantime, I work in a lovely office! It truly is a blessing, the people are great, it's for the Methodist church so I can talk about Jesus, and my hours are 11:30 - 4:30 Monday through Thursday. Can't complain!

Yes, my lifestyle may be different from yours. But that is what I love about blogging! I get to know other women who have passions for different things, and understand why their passions exist. My hope for this blog is to share my passions and inspire you to do the same.

My [Modest] Story

FaithJessica Scheks5 Comments

The first thing you need to know is that I married my high school sweetheart on March 22, 2014. We met back in sixth grade {and we both had a crush on each other} but we didn't begin dating until the very end of our sophomore year. formal

And this is where the real story begins.

When I was younger, my family went to a Presbyterian church. My parents became “burnt out” after several years of attending and being asked to do more and more and feeling like they were getting nothing in return spiritually. So we stopped going and never went to another church consistently after that. Around the age of 14 or 15 I started to develop a desire to have a home church; somewhere where I felt comfortable, got to know the people, and could deepen my relationship with God and His Son. Not to mention I would feel embarrassed anytime my friends from school would talk about church when I would have to explain that my family didn't attend a church. But I was pretty young and the rest of my family did not have that desire so what could I really do?But long story short, as soon as my now husband, Michael, and I began talking he told me how important his church was to him and that I had to visit before we actually started dating. I felt like I had hit the jackpot! Michael never cursed, had no desire to drink alcohol or "party," and was just a nice guy - hard to find in high school sophomores. So I started attending church with him and quickly learned that while his church {which is now my church} states that they are nondenominational, they lean very closely towards Pentecostal. And every single woman wore skirts {to church, not all have the conviction in their lives to wear them everyday}.At first I hated it, I’d grown up wearing pants and I couldn't imagine wearing skirts full time, let alone to every church event. But as you could guess, the Holy Spirit began working in my life and gradually I became okay with the fact that we had to wear skirts to church. Then I kind of started to like wearing skirts to church. And finally, I felt like I could see myself wearing skirts as a lifestyle. But I was a senior in high school at this point and the thought of starting to wear skirts was way too intimidating to me – my friends would've thought I was crazy! So I didn't But then it came time for college. I moved into a dorm at a nearby university and I was starting to feel more and more guilty about not wearing skirts. {Side note: When you’re feeling guilty it’s often the Holy Spirit convicting you}. But none of the girls in my youth group, besides maybe one or two, wore skirts all the time. So I kept quiet.Then one day, my friend mentioned to me that she was starting to feel like she should wear skirts and I felt like a big boulder had been lifted off of my shoulders. Another friend heard us excitedly talking and asked us what we were discussing, so we told her. And with a big sigh of relief, she explained how she had been feeling the exact same way. But that wasn't the end, we didn't just throw every pair of pants away that we owned never looking back.Deciding to wear skirts everyday is a very hard, life changing decision, and I wish I could say it happened over night. But it was a struggle for all of us. For about a month we wrestled with it, not exactly sure if it was what we were being called to do, coming up with ridiculously lame excuses to justify ourselves, questioning God, and complaining. We prayed about it, too, of course. But I secretly hoped the answer would be what I wanted, not the Lord’s will. After praying for about a month, we heard the testimony of a girl from our sister church in Des Moines, Iowa. She described how she felt like she was at a spiritual plateau several years earlier, and knew that she needed to make some lifestyle changes starting with the way she dressed. She felt very convicted about it. I was convicted, but I either didn't realize I was or didn't care to admit that I was. And she said this simple statement,

If you don’t have a conviction, pray for one.

Especially if you know it’s something you should be doing, pray for a conviction! That statement, for some reason, settled it for me. I realized that it didn't matter what I wanted, or if wearing skirts everyday made me feel slightly uncomfortable. Because it’s not about what I want, it’s about what God wants!

Several other things that really helped to sway me came from my cousin-in-law, Abby, who grew up in an Apostolic church and has always worn skirts. As my friends and I were complaining that it’s unfair that girls are the ones who have to be uncomfortable and wear skirts, yet guys get to wear pants, she said that she found it to be a “privilege.” We get to wear skirts. I had never viewed it that way, but she went on to explain that as women, we have the privilege to shine our light just through our outward appearance. Men don’t have that privilege quite as often. So slowly, I began to feel honored that God had called me to change my lifestyle to ultimately glorify Him.

It’s been almost four years since I decided to wear skirts, and now I can’t imagine my life any other way. I have truly been blessed for following the calling the Lord put in my life! However that does NOT mean I think any differently towards women who do not dress the way I do. I have many friends who wear pants or shorts, and I’m not here to judge (remember, I’ve worn pants the majority of my life). So yes, my lifestyle may be different from yours. But that is what I love about blogging. I get to know women who have passions for different things, and understand why their passions exist. My hope for this blog is to share my passions and inspire you to do the same.