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It's day two of the #Write31Days Challenge! Click here to find tons of other bloggers who linked up to this challenge in the Inspiration & Faith category. If you missed day one you can find it here!

soak in the word every day

Today I'm going to share about a devotional I've been creating this year. I've been working with an amazing graphic designer named Karrie at Schlabach Printers in Sugarcreek, OH and it's been such an amazing experience! Working with a graphic designer who has the exact same style as you is so fun. I love getting to see the ideas I have coming to life on the pages, but I also love that I can trust her to add design elements that I'll love without having to sit over her shoulder the entire time.

I guess you could say I have a very entrepreneurial mindset. I'm always dreaming of ways to make money doing creative things. I love hand lettering and dream of making a career out of it! If you visit my Etsy shop during the month of October you can get 10% off your purchase with this coupon code: WRITE31DAYSJOY

But anyways, back to the devotional! Several years ago I finally finished reading the Bible through for the first time. I became a Christian between 2008 and 2009 and often heard my pastor encouraging us to read our Bibles through in a year. It took me more than a year to get through the entire Bible, but I finally did! I remember as I read the last couple of verses in Revelation I expected something amazing to happen, like fireworks going off. But instead I closed the book and felt really overwhelmed because the Bible isn't a book you read just once; you're supposed to just keep reading it over and over. So I closed the book only to open it right back up and start again.

But it was really hard to start again for awhile. I had read straight through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and breezed through many books in the Old Testament that I didn't understand the significance of at the time. Looking back I regretfully realized that I barely remembered anything I had read and I felt so discouraged and didn't really feel like reading the Bible through again. So I just read Psalms for awhile and if I felt inspired to read or study something else I would.

Finally, at the beginning of 2014 I began to feel the Lord stirring in my heart to memorize His Word. I finally really felt inspired again to dig into His Word. I also began to realize that using a Bible reading plan had kind of been a distraction in my spiritual walk. For me, a Bible reading plan was just something else to check off the list; I read the four chapters I was supposed to and that was it. And I thought to myself, "I read the Bible today, I'm good!" But I never took the time to study or get inspired while reading.

Towards the end of 2014 the idea for my devotional came to me while reading the Bible one day - it's like the Lord just plopped the idea into my head. When I say devotional, I mean a journal that has prompts everyday for you to respond to while reading your Bible. So at the beginning of 2015 I began testing out all of my ideas in a notebook and eventually tried to design it myself on my computer. I got most of my ideas documented but needed a professional to help me finish it and that is the stage I am currently in. I am SO excited to launch this devotional and I am praying that the Lord will use it!

Originally I wanted my brand to be "Restoring the Joy," but after some research I found that the domain was already taken. I was pretty discouraged when I found that I couldn't use that name anymore. But one day while sitting in Sunday School the teacher said that we need to soak in the Word everyday. For some reason I just loved the sound of that and it inspired the name of my devotional: Soaking in the Word Three-Sixty-Five  After I came up with the name my husband randomly said that my goal was to "soak the world in His love," and our mission statement was born! Eventually I'll probably be switching my blog over to and I'll also be selling the devotionals on that site as well (but it's not even close to up and running yet).

I've been bursting at the seams with excitement and I can't wait to share the devotional with you when it's all said and done!