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My Umbrella Box

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Umbrella Boxes was started by a sweet loss momma named Alaina. Alaina and her husband have 7 children total; four that they get to raise here on earth and three that they will one day meet in heaven.

I requested my Umbrella Box quite a few months ago, and I think just like I became bombarded and slightly overwhelmed with The Painted Name Project requests, Alaina experienced the same thing with her Umbrella Boxes. She started doing this out of her own pocket! And there are so many things that she includes in these boxes.

And the thing is, you can tell each box is infused with love. On her website, Alaina says: 

"This project and ministry is my dream that came from piecing some of the broken places of me back together."

It's quite evident that she spends a lot of time personalizing each item which makes it that much more special. She even included a keychain for Michael with the initials of our two babies and a metal stamped tag that says, "you are my sunshine." I'll admit that I wanted to keep it, but I was surprised by how much Michael loved it. Usually he doesn't care about that kind of stuff.

On everything she includes, she writes out sweet messages, such as the names of our babies. I was so touched by the amount of time she put into every single detail; she could've just included a pack of forget-me-not seeds, but she wrote on the package just to personalize it. Everything is so beautiful!

Alaina also made these adorable notebooks. They are literally so perfect and cute. One for each of our daughters. Literally everything she does is above and beyond. I would totally only expect one notebook in a box like this, but she included two. And she didn't just buy cute little notebooks, she makes them!

I'm saving what is my favorite for last:

She included these cards for each of my babies. In case you can't read it, it says:

Two Hats
One for you to keep in hand,
another for you to bury in the land.
With no baby to lay to rest
we offer this as a second best.
Bury one in a special place
while keeping the other in your embrace.

I don't know if Alaina created these or not, but it's the sweetest little sentiment. Just seeing a little hat for your baby validates their existence and gives value to their lives. So. Sweet.

Requests for Umbrella Boxes are currently down while Alaina catches up on all of her current requests. As you can imagine, the cost of these boxes has to really add up and there are several ways you can donate.

You can donate monetarily here.

You can view a wishlist on her website here.

You can view her Amazon wishlist here.

I just love what Alaina is doing. She has no idea that I'm writing this blog post, but when I opened up my box I knew I had to write a post about it. It is perfect and brings so much comfort to me as I continue to grieve. I hope you consider donating, and at the very least, go follow her on Facebook or Instagram!