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Ephesians 2:14

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Since I often talk about the importance of getting into the Word, I started a series where I share one scripture or passage of scripture each Wednesday and talk about why it has meant so much to me. I hope it encourages you to get into the Word and to use these scriptures as starting points perhaps, but to also find meaningful things in the Bible on your own as well.

Ever since my first miscarriage I feel like I've been on a roller coaster; highs and lows that I feel are out of my control. But I've noticed there is one thing that keeps me stable, and that is God's Word. Hebrews 4:12 says that it is ALIVE, meaning that we can interact and engage with it! When you open His Word with an open mind, He will fill it as you read and you will walk away feeling encouraged, challenged, peaceful, and joyful no matter your earthly circumstances!

For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility

| EPHESIANS 2:14 |

He is our peace.

I love how true and faithful God's Word is. It sounds kind of odd to say that a person is your peace, but once you experience the peace that only Jesus can give, it just makes sense. 

If you haven't felt the tangible peace that abides with His presence you may be wondering what I'm talking about. So I will try to explain it, but it's hard to describe. As Philippians 4:7 tells us, the peace of God transcends, or surpasses, our understanding! Our finite human minds are unable to comprehend how far it reaches and what it is capable of doing. And that is a good thing.

When I was pregnant for the second time the fear of miscarriage consumed me. I tried very hard to let God's Word consume me, but there were several times where fear really took over and it felt paralyzing. I couldn't even catch my breath. I felt so desperate for relief that all I could do was whisper Jesus' name.

There's just something about that name. When I called on the name of Jesus during those times of paralyzing fear throughout my pregnancy, I felt an immediate physical response. I was able to catch my breath, my heart stopped pounding in my chest, and I was able to think more clearly. It sounds pretty miraculous but that is just who Jesus is.

He is our peace.

Don't Forget!

Remember to check out what my friend Anne Marie is doing over at The Loved Bible Project! She wrote this sweet post about Wednesdays In The Word and how we are teaming up! Each week I will continue to post about a scripture that has helped me in my time of loss and Anne Marie is going to make a free printable that you can find in her Resources page! We encourage you to print it out and spend time soaking in God's Word as you decorate it and then include it in your own Bible or start working on a Loved Bible!