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2017 Reading List

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I'm a big fan of reading people's stories. Specifically, stories that will encourage me in my walk with Christ! The Christian self-help kind of books only really appeal to me if the author divides the advice evenly with his/her story or weaving in a story from the Bible. I bought a handful of the books below from during their "Slightly Imperfect" sale and got them super cheap! They just recently came in the mail and I don't even notice any imperfections!

  1. No More Faking Fine: Ending the Pretending
    by: Esther Fleece
    *book launch team member
    I already finished this book and loved it. There were some truly life changing thoughts that were presented that have since changed my way of thinking and view of God in a very good way. I wrote a blog post about that here.
  2. You Are Free: Be Who You Already Are
    by: Rebekah Lyons
    *book launch team member
  3. The Broken Way: A Daring Path Into the Abundant Life
    by: Ann Voskamp
  4. Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn't Give Up
    by: Ian + Larissa Murphy
  5. Hope Heals: A True Story of Overwhelming Loss and an Overwhelming Love
    by: Jay + Katherine Wolf
    Oh my word, this book! I read it so fast because I could not put it down for the life of me. SO GOOD. Jay and Katherine write about the massive brain stem stroke Katherine suffered when she was only 26. Several times while reading I burst into tears because their pain was so overwhelming. They each take turns telling their side of the story and Katherine is a very captivating writer, while Jay is really deep and says so many profound things. I devoured the book so quickly that I didn't take time to underline anything, but I'm already slowly making my way back through with a pen in hand. There are truly some amazing quotes about suffering that I think will stand the test of time. His love for Katherine will overwhelm you. I really hope to meet them someday.
  6. From Depths We Rise: A Journey of Beauty from Ashes
    by: Sarah Rodriguez
    I read this book in about two days. At times it was physically painful as I read the heartache this woman endured, but it was so, so good and made me overwhelmingly thankful for Michael. At one point I put the book down and called him just to say "I love you." As hard as it was to read at times, you could see God's hand in Sarah's life and I felt closer to Him by the end. I prayed for Sarah and her family as I finished her story because I felt like I got to know them so well through her writing. Definitely a must--read if you ask me!
  7. Just Show Up: The Dance of Walking Through Suffering Together
    by: Kara Tippetts and Jill Lynn Buteyn
  8. The Hardest Peace: Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life's Hard
    by: Kara Tippetts
  9. Nothing To Prove: Why We Can Stop Trying So Hard
    by: Jennie Allen
    This book isn't pictured because I'm going to Jennie's book tour and I will get the book then! Also, this book releases today!

Bible Studies/Devotionals

I can't stress enough how important it is to be in the precious, life-giving Word of God every single day! It is truly the best medicine; I feel like I am unstable emotionally and spiritually without soaking in the Word each day. It's so easy to get off balance if you're not in the Word consistently because it provides the best perspective for us as we live our day to day lives! Earlier this year I went a little crazy and bought this set of devotionals from The Daily Grace Co. when it was on mega sale (in the list below numbers 4-14 were all a part of this set!)

I also listen to the Bible everyday on the Daily Audio Bible app. In the morning I listen to the Daily Audio Bible, with Brian Hardin where He reads some of the Old and New Testament, a Psalm, and a passage from Proverbs, if you listen all year you get through the entire Bible! He also provides great commentary at the end of each reading to help you apply the Word to your life. Then some other time throughout the day I listen to the Daily Audio Bible for Teens, Brian's daughter, China, is reading through the Bible chronologically this year, which is why I chose to listen because I've always wanted to do that.

The reason I love love love to listen to the Bible is because it gives me the freedom to take my time as I study and read the Bible on my own. I can read the same chapter five days in a row and not feel stressed that I'm getting behind on a reading plan, and I don't have to read every single word in a year because I'm also listening to it. And there truly is something special about hearing the Word each day!

  1. Daily Audio Bible
    with Brian Hardin
  2. Daily Audio Bible: Teens
    with China Hardin
  3. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name
    by: Sally Lloyd-Jones
  4. Joy in Christ: A Study of Philippians and Colossians
    from: The Daily Grace Co.
    I have already finished this study and it was so good. I had kind of gotten into a funk with reading my Bible and was feeling extremely discouraged and distant from God. But I found out that Kristin wrote this study in the first several months after her daughter, Sophia, was stillborn.  It was so good and brought in such a holy perspective on suffering. It made me realize how being in the Word everyday is vital to my emotional and spiritual well-being. 
  5. Abide: A Study on the Book of John
    from: The Daily Grace Co.
  6. Everlasting Love Devotional: A Study on the Book of Isaiah
    from: The Daily Grace Co.
  7. Freedom and Grace: A Study of Galatians
    from: The Daily Grace Co.
  8. His Love Never Fails: A Study on the Book of Hosea
    from: The Daily Grace Co.
  9. A Study of Psalm 119
    from: The Daily Grace Co.
  10. He Is More Than Enough: A Study on Hebrews
    from: The Daily Grace Co.
  11. Grace Upon Grace: A Study on the Book of James
    from: The Daily Grace Co.
  12. Redeemed: A Study on the Book of Exodus
    from: The Daily Grace Co.
  13. Daughters of Grace: The Women of the Bible and The God of Grace
    from: The Daily Grace Co.
  14. How To Study The Bible
    from: The Daily Grace Co.

The Bible I use can be found here.

So that is my 2017 reading list. What's on your list of must-reads this year? I'd love to hear your recommendations! Leave a comment below!