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Grieving Over a Miscarriage

MiscarriageJessica Scheks2 Comments

One thing I can't stand is when someone acts like our loss isn't as great because it's a common type of loss. Death is common and people grieve over it daily in many different ways. Just because a miscarriage is common doesn't mean I feel less pain. That makes no sense. I'm not just grieving the death of my baby, I'm grieving that I'll never get to feel that specific life inside of me again. I'm grieving that I'll never experience the joy of birthing that child and having her placed on my chest in her first moments of life outside of me. I'm grieving that I'll never get to know my child. I'm grieving because it feels so unfair to have life ripped out of my womb by death. I'm grieving because I didn't have more time with my child. I'm grieving because at times I feel like my body failed. I'm grieving because something was wrong with our baby. I'm grieving over the plans my husband and I had already excitedly discussed. I'm just grieving all of the things that this loss of life entails. And there's a lot of things to grieve over an entire life that I'm going to miss with my child.