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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

FaithJessica Scheks1 Comment

kat lee So this is definitely not my original idea. But I heard Kat Lee talking about this amazing research she's done in Episode 27 of The Happy Hour podcast with Jamie Ivey and I had to share it today. In this episode Kat Lee was the guest and spoke about how fearfully and wonderfully made we all are. 

She began by talking about the Strengthsfinder test. I was going to take it but it costs $15 and I didn't really feel like paying that much to take a test. I found a free version here, but it says that your results may not match up to what they'd be on the actual Strengthsfinder test, so keep that in mind. However I took it and here are my top five strengths in case you care:

  1. Group Relations People who are with the Group Relations talent enjoy close relationships with others; finding deep satisfaction in working hard together with friends to achieve a goal.
  2. Integrator People with the Integrator talent are accepting of others. They show awareness of those who feel left out, and make efforts to include them.
  3. Potential Cultivator People with the Potential Cultivator talent recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They can spot and get satisfaction with the signs of small improvement.
  4. Believing People with the Believing talent have certain core values that are unchanging. From these values emerges a defined purpose in life.
  5. Understand Others People with the Understand Others talent can sense feelings of other people by imagining themselves in others' lives or situations.

When I first read my top five strengths I wasn't so sure, but after reading the description of each strength I realized it seemed to decently accurate. They aren't all strengths I would have necessarily attributed to myself, but I can see it. The whole point of the test is to identify your strengths so that you can cultivate them and make them stronger.

{Before you go any further I suggest you take the time to take the real $15 test or the free fake test to find out what your dominant talents are! The free fake test is still pretty awesome. I can't tell you how it compares to the real $15 test since I've never taken it, but it's over 100 questions where you have to rate yourself. Then the results are very comprehensive; if you click on "view detailed report" it will tell you how your talents rank in the 34 possible areas. Each talent is described and you can even watch a video describing each one.}

So back to the podcast, Kat Lee was talking about this test and the statistics behind it. I have a feeling that Kat is really smart because I can't imagine doing all of this research myself just to know.

But essentially, for anyone to have the same top five strengths as you, the odds are something like one in 300,000. Then the odds of anyone having the same top five in the same order are one in 33 million. So then the odds of anyone having all 34 strengths the same in the same order is a number with like 36 zeroes behind it.

She then went on to say that approximately 107 billion people have ever existed on the earth. And according to scientists, earth is well past its half life because eventually the earth will be too warm for human inhabitants. So theoretically, since earth is past its half life, there will never be more than approximately 200 billion people alive on earth. And 200 billion is a fraction of that number with 36 zeroes behind it.

So basically that means, that when God created YOU [insert your name], He created ONLY you to fulfill a very specific person that no one in the history of time could ever do it the way you do it. No one who is ever to come could fulfill this thing the way that He very specifically and uniquely made you to do it. -Kat Lee

Kat is just so inspirational, you should definitely check out her website! She founded Inspired to Action and had this to say about living intentionally: "God made us on purpose so I want to live on purpose. And if I'm going to live on purpose I want to start my day on purpose and I need to know what that purpose is so I need to spend time with God. And then I want my day to reflect my purpose so I plan my day and I want the energy to fulfill my purpose, so I want to make healthy choices."

So. Good. Hopefully you find this post to be as inspiring as I did!


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