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9 Cute Modest Workout + Swim Skirts

Jessica ScheksComment

When I first began dressing modestly, there were still some activities that I justified in my mind as needing to wear pants. But really, the majority of those activities were ones where I just would've felt especially awkward to be seen doing in a skirt. Since then I've pretty much gotten over that, and I don't care what the world thinks about me. But one of those activities was working out -- I thought doing it in a skirt was basically impossible so I kept wearing sweatpants. I did stop wearing shorts, however I did wear pants. And some of them were prettttty tight. {Side note: I have found that wearing knee length basketball shorts is a good modest alternative as long as they are not form fitting.}

I also went on vacation with my family several times... and if you've read my story then you know that my family does not attend church with me and therefore doesn't really understand or agree with the way I choose to dress.

So I chose to wear tankinis and one pieces, even though I definitely had that nagging feeling of guilt that told me I knew better and should've covered up more. So after a couple of vacations feeling increasingly worse, I knew I couldn't do it anymore. And ever since then I've been on a hunt for a cute running/swim skirt. And if you've ever tried looking, you know that there's barely any out there. So I have compiled a list of my favorites -- the list is in no particular order.

{One thing to keep in mind, and something that I currently wear, is a cotton t-shirt like skirt with leggings underneath. The thing with cotton skirts and similar materials is that one: they do not dry quickly, and two: if the leggings are made of a similar material the skirt continuously rides up and it gets to be extremely annoying. So I'm looking for a skirt that is made of a dry-fit type material that will "glide" over leggings and anything else I choose to wear underneath because that is a huge pet peeve of mine!}

{1} Patagonia Vitaliti Skirt $59 According to their website, this skirt "...moves freely and breathes, thanks to its blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester and spandex." This skirt is 21 inches long, so if you're a bit on the taller side like me you may want to steer away from this option if you prefer to cover your knees. However I love how simple this skirt is and the mixture of fabric in this skirt is sure to not disappoint... doesn't organic cotton just sound so lovely?


{2} Women's Running Skirt/Sports Skirt With Leggings $42 "This running skirt with leggings is made with a light weight fabric with UV protection, is chlorine resistant, and quick-drying material. It is made from Polyamide/spandex for the most comfortable modest running skirt, aerobics skirt, or walking skirt..." I have heard many good things about Kosher Casual, however I have never actually ordered anything from them. The one thing I really love about this skirt is the subtle a-line shape; it's there there, but not overpowering like some modest workout skirts I have found. I also love the legging length -- not too long, but not too short.


{3} Black Spirit Athletic Skirt $70 "This below the knee a-line skirt with comfortable flat waistband sits above the hip, offering modesty and extra coverage in a super-slimming and flattering style. Attached mesh compression short and dual velcro hip pockets." This skirt just looks athletic to me! Plus it has pockets... need I say more? But I love the shape of this skirt; a very subtle a-line and it is below the knee, which is pretty hard to find. I think if I owned this skirt I would become addicted to it and wear it every day. It would be my version of the world's yoga pant obsession. ;)


{4} Running Skirt $60 This running skirt from Apostolic Clothing Company is a "professionally made running skirt with built in shorts for added comfort. Made of high quality, moisture whicking material for easy wear/easy care! Deep pockets on the sides!" The pictures on the website made it difficult to get a feel for what the skirt would actually look like to me. But regardless, ACC has a pretty large following and coming from an Apostolic store you know that the standards of modesty will be incorporated into this skirt. Plus, this skirt has pockets... deep pockets. Just think of all the possibilities!


{5} Athletic Skort/Ladies $48 "You can now have our skorts in fabric made just for exercise! The fabric is made of nylon micro mesh and has the wicking which holds the moisture away from your body. The skort has a skirt with shorts underneath. The shorts have been designed for comfort doing any type of exercise activity! This skort even has a zippered MEDIA pocket!" I love how light this material looks-- most of the other skirts I have found seem to have a pretty heavy/dense material. So this may not be best for swimming (it could get a little clingy and float up in the water). But, it has a zippered pocket! That is fantastic. Finally, this dress comes from Dressing For His Glory, so standards of modesty should not be an issue.


{6} Power Walk Skirt $59.95 This skirt actually comes from an Islamic modesty website and is described as having an elasticized waist, two front side pockets, trim detailing, and is made of 100 percent cotton. (So yeah, I picked one made out of cotton-- but this would be for more relaxed activities, not harder workouts or swimming).


{7} Modest Swim Skirt (Knee-Length, Black) $50 This "basic black long swim skirt [is] perfect for just about anything, especially swimming. Special swim fabric makes it non-clingy in water, dry extra fast, and is more breathable for warm weather." This 24 inch long swim skirt looks perfect for swimming to me, with its straight design I can imagine swimming easily without the skirt becoming too "flowy" in the water.


{8} Nadadora Triangle Spliced Long Swim Skirt with Swim Leggings $81 "Available with built-in longer length leggings that fall mid-calf for ultimate coverage. Swim modestly in style and never have a worry about color fading, our chlorine proof triangle splice modest swim skirts maintain color and shape. Lightweight material keeps you cool, and the special chlorine proof material keeps your colors strong, all summer long." I love the look of this skirt-- very athletic! However it does seem to be a little short, so if you're taller like I am, this may not be the best option.


{9} Calamity Jane Skirt $55 I love this skirt! I don't think I'd wear it for more rigorous exercise, but walking, hiking, yoga, tennis... definitely! The "dense, Dream fabric" this skirt is made of allows the skirt to drape in a flattering manner with a very smooth and soft feel! Plus the skirt comes in four different colors ("Deep Purple" is pictured below).


So there you have it! Nine, adorable modest workout skirts! While conducting my research for this post I found several other skirts that fit the modest bill, but in my opinion, were just not cute. So I did not include them. Please leave comments below if you have ever purchased any of the skirts I listed or if I left out a great option!

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