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2 Kings 20:5

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Since I often talk about the importance of getting into the Word, I started a series where I share one scripture or passage of scripture each Wednesday and talk about why it has meant so much to me. I hope it encourages you to get into the Word and to use these scriptures as starting points perhaps, but to also find meaningful things in the Bible on your own as well.

Ever since my first miscarriage I feel like I've been on a roller coaster; highs and lows that I feel are out of my control. But I've noticed there is one thing that keeps me stable, and that is God's Word. Hebrews 4:12 says that it is ALIVE, meaning that we can interact and engage with it! When you open His Word with an open mind, He will fill it as you read and you will walk away feeling encouraged, challenged, peaceful, and joyful no matter your earthly circumstances!

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“Turn back, and say to Hezekiah the leader of my people, Thus says the LORD, the God of David your father:
I have heard your prayer; I have seen your tears. Behold, I will heal you.
On the third day you shall go up to the house of the LORD,

| 2 KINGS 20:5 |

Not so coincidentally, this scripture has shown up three or four times in my life the past few days, before I even realized it was the scripture I had scheduled to write about today. I feel like the Lord is trying to get my attention!

I forget how I ever came to find and love this scripture, but the entire passage contains so much hope, encouragement, and comfort for several reasons. First of all, I just love the fact that the Lord says (through Isaiah to Hezekiah) that He hears our prayers. We know this to be true, but when you're feeling desperate, as I'm sure Hezekiah was with his impending death, you start to wonder if God is listening or if He even cares. But the next thing He says is proof that He definitely cares: "I have seen your tears." I don't think He would even acknowledge our tears if He didn't care about them. And as Psalm 56:8 so beautifully reminds us, not only does He see our tears, He collects them and records each one in His book. There are several people on this earth that I know love me fiercely, but even they don't love me enough to sit with me each time I cry and collect all of the tears that escape my eyes and then record why they fell. He cares so much.

This scripture is also so encouraging to me because it reminds me that prayer can change God's mind. In this passage, God told Isaiah to tell Hezekiah that he was going to die and needed to get his house in order. How devastating! Hezekiah must've felt so much despair. And if I heard from God Himself I think I would just go with it, I wouldn't question Him, I'd accept it even though I'd probably also be angry and upset and a whole host of other emotions. But Hezekiah must've had a lot of faith to pray anyways. I think He was close enough to God that He was a trusted Friend, and Hezekiah wanted to go to Him no matter if he was filled with hope, despair, anger, sadness, or joy. I really admire him for praying to the God Who had just told him he was going to die. Imagine if he had given Him the silent treatment.

There are many things in life that I think we kind of give up on, at least it seems that way in my own life. Sometimes it might be because we literally feel like it's an impossible situation. There is just no way any good could come from it in our minds. But it can also be because we are scared to really "let go and let God." We're afraid of how He might answer, we're afraid of how He might not answer. And sometimes we're already so disappointed, that in our self-righteous anger we don't feel like asking God. There's a part of us that doesn't trust Him to really take care of us, so we don't even ask. We sit in despair when we could so easily take our burdens and give them to Him in exchange for everlasting hope and peace.

I had no idea where I was going with this post today, but I feel like the Lord opened my eyes as I took time to meditate on this verse. This verse not only comforts me to know that He hears my prayers and sees my tears, but it also serves as an encouraging reminder to always seek God and to turn to Him even when He's given me an answer that I hate or when I feel neglected, like He's just casting me aside (as I'm sure Hezekiah felt). Because even if I am walking straight down the valley of the shadow of death, He is with me and always finds a way to comfort me.


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Don't Forget!

Remember to check out what my friend Anne Marie is doing over at The Loved Bible Project! She wrote this sweet post about Wednesdays In The Word and how we are teaming up! Each week I will continue to post about a scripture that has helped me in my time of loss and Anne Marie is going to make a free printable that you can find in her Resources page! We encourage you to print it out and spend time soaking in God's Word as you decorate it and then include it in your own Bible or start working on a Loved Bible!