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Infertility Resources 


  • Sarah's Laughter

    • Sarah's Laughter is an outreach of the Sarah's Laughter ministry for women walking through infertility. Not every episode is about loss but many women on the episodes have endured losses on their journey to motherhood.

  • Joy + Infertility Podcast

  • The Blessing of Thorns a series from Revive Our Hearts

    • Listening to this series of podcasts leading up to Thanksgiving was what got me through the holiday. Thanksgiving was a mere 11 days after my miscarriage. Even though deep down I was thankful for my life, it was hard to go around the table that year sharing what I was thankful for (thankfully Michael spoke for the both of us). This series inspired me on Thanksgiving Day as I wrote in my journal; I titled the page, "Roses Among the Thorns." It was comforting for me to list my blessings as roses among the thorns since I felt like I was living in a thorn patch. Thinking of it in this way still allowed me to acknowledge the pain I was feeling.

  • The Mud Stories Podcast with Jacque Watkins

    • I LOVE this podcast. Jacque interviews women about their "mud stories" or times of trial and suffering and how the Lord was with them even in the thickest and messiest of mud. It is so encouraging to listen to.


  • I Am Fruitful

    • A ministry dedicated to husbands and wives struggling with infertility and loss.