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Infant Loss Resources


  • Holding Onto Hope: A Pathway through Suffering to the Heart of God by: Nancy Guthrie

    • This book is amazing. Nancy tells her own story while simultaneously taking the reader through Job's story of suffering. Nancy had one healthy son, followed by a daughter and then another son who were born with a rare condition that caused them to slowly die within six months of being born.

  • I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy by: Angie Smith

    • This book is also amazing. Angie Smith is an amazing writer. She beautifully weaves in the story of Lazarus as she tells the story of her pregnancy with her daughter, who was diagnosed with conditions causing her to be "incompatible with life" while she was still in the womb. In the beginning of the book, Angie briefly mentions that she had a miscarriage as well and how hard that was for her. 


  • The Will To Choose T-Shirt Ministry

    • I LOVE what this precious family does in honor of their sweet son, Will. If you are a bereaved parent you can request a free t-shirt witha hand-lettered design featuring the words "He will wipe away every tear" (from Revelation 21:4). It is such a special shirt that I wear all of the time.

  • Held Your Whole Life

    • Request a free necklace and keychain (just pay shipping) with the words "Held your whole life" engraved on both pieces.

    • From the website: "This is a place for bereaved families who have experienced the loss of their baby(s) in-utero, whether through miscarriage or still birth. These precious lives never had to experience suffering or sorrow, only love. It is such an inspiring gift to our babies to have held them their whole lives. So many of us understand the immense pain and anguish of giving birth in silence and having our babies torn from our lives. We are left with broken hearts, emptiness, and shattered dreams. We want to give recognition to the babies born in silence when they are often not acknowledged because they did not take a breath. We hope that by gifting a keepsake necklace or keychain with these beautiful words, you will know that your child counted. We hope that you will find comfort and healing through those of us who have survived, and share your baby’s beautiful story so that we may remember them."

  • Umbrella Boxes

    • You can request for an "Umbrella Box," a sweet care package made by a fellow bereaved momma. Consider donating to her ministry because she is bombarded with requests!

  • While We're Waiting

    • You can request a Hope Package to be sent to you or someone you know grieving the loss of a child.


  • Grieving a Loss a series from Revive Our Hearts

    • Nancy Guthrie, who wrote a book listed above, is interviewed about her losses. She gives advice on things you can do to help as you heal.

  • I Will Carry You a series from Revive Our Hearts

    • Angie Smith, who wrote a book listed above and her husband wrote a song listed above, is interviewed about her experience being pregnant with her daughter with the knowledge she would not survive outside of the womb, as well as how the Lord carried her through her pregnancy and after little Audrey passed.

  • The Joyful Mourning Podcast with Ashlee Profitt

    • Ashlee has lost a baby to miscarriage and her infant son, Aaden Sage. Ashlee interviews loss mommas in each episode and asks the best questions. I always leave feeling hopeful! She also does mini episodes leading up to holidays like Christmas and Mother’s Day because she knows it is especially hard to be grieving during these times of the year.

  • The Mud Stories Podcast with Jacque Watkins

    • I LOVE this podcast. Jacque interviews women about their "mud stories" or times of trial and suffering and how the Lord was with them even in the thickest and messiest of mud. It is so encouraging to listen to.

  • Through The Lens Podcast

    • Join two mommas, Holly Colonna and Kristin Hernandez, as they discuss life after loss from a Biblical perspective.